While debugging on the thought that pretty girls suddenly became horrible when they are nagging on their parents and realizing that my standards on beauty mainly lay on the graciousness and cleanliness of of one’s feet. Someone rode the jeep. I knew him a face I cannot just forget.

I told myself, I’ll just pretend we were not riding the same jeep. I’ll just pretend that he does not exist.

The pretension was so great that I really forgot he existed. Then, the man who sat beside me moved out, as my instinct tells me, I move a little and occupied his seat. I realized I was seated in front of him. I stared at him longer than I know I could until he realized I was staring. He glanced away immediately, before I even thought of smiling at him, greeting him.

It felt great for someone like him felt awkward before your presence while guilt is literally scripted in his gaze. I felt relieved actually. May be the next time I met him or anyone that made me feel that bad, I can smile and say hi.

They do make me bitter, for how long? I cannot remember. But just like coffee, it won’t taste that good if it’s not bitter.


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