Station 1: part 1

190320131474Malamang sa hindi Am ang makakaranas neto, iba ang set-up pag pm.

  • Assigned Ward
  • Endorsement
    • Regulate IV
    • Check patients
    • Receive IV
    • VS
    • Oral meds
    • Chart
    • Check CBG monitoring, remind patients not to eat 2 hours before taking CBG
    • Carry out orders
      • Put to kardex-always update
      • New drugs
        • Oral-make card
        • IV-put to injection list
      • Procedure-secure consent;make sure 1st degree relative
      • Lab- make request, put to record book
        • Sputum put to Kardex, often TB Dots referral
  • Attend to patient
  • Charting- do not close toxic pts
  • Trans in or admission- put to record book
    • Carry orders
    • Make kardex
    • Make med cards and insert to injection list
  • Discharge
    • Make discharge plan (tagalog anet)
    • Check meds put on MGH


  • W1-ward 1

W2-malamang ward 2

IMU- Intermediate Care Unit

PP-Private Pay

PH-Phil Health

PR-Porch, pasilyo anet d are suite room.,

ISo- Isolation na nagiging private minsan

SP- semi Private

  • May isa pa ding ma aasign sa IV meds under supervision ng staff wala syang gagawin kundi mag bigay ng IV meds, with staff pa din; di sya nasama sa endorsement madalas., kasi ichicheck nya yung mga tackle box for meds kasi baka may naiwan o bagong bili., more of IV meds sa next entry…
  • 54 bed capacity pero pinaka madami namin 68.

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