*sometime in Dec.2011

After every surgery as students we were asked to clean the theatre, so eventually it can be used for another operation.

There sat a device  on a white side table near the operating table with its tangled wires. I try to loosen each wire, thinking that maybe the anesthesiologist found it difficult to attach its every aspect to the client. After loosening, I neatly rolled it making sure that it can be used in a snap, only to find out that there is no physiologic part of the side table where it can be hung. Then I noticed that the side metal bar was broken. Light bulb!  I hung it there.

You will simply slide the rolled cords out of the broken metal bar and it will flow like water.

The next operation came. As I arrived to the theater I saw the anesthesiologist, and afterward a smile was painted on my face. He was whining “who on earth made the rolling of the wires”. He keeps on pushing and pulling, unnoticed of the broken bar and the simple idea of slipping it. In the end the cords became more tangled than it was before that even if you slip it out of the broken metal bar it will just be a braid of cords.

I felt bad for my effort was not appreciated but astounded and greatly amazed by what he did, human nature.

We see things in different perspective too include another lesson “Do not fix another person’s life just to make it easy and simple when in fact he is happy and functional when it’s diverse and complicated”.

The operation went well as well as the device and the whole team who performed the surgery and I never admitted that I was the Good Samaritan behind the cord of wires.


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