April 12, 2012


I am currently enrolled in CBRC review program, our reviewer advised us to watch a movie and accidentally, I did. I know the topic is off the page and bringing this up in the midst of war to have a license is inappropriate but I’ll tell it to you anyway.

Lupet nung leadingman! (but still I love Eminem more) not only because of his astounding great face and messy hair or his British accent, to include he can speak Prada but also because his thrifty in spite the fact that he’s a socialite, dressing cheap cause he don’t want to be judged by the label of his clothes and more importantly, his VISION. A man who clearly knows what he wants and control circumstances to create his destiny. Cool. May be he is sculptured that way to catch every woman’s heart and an important factor to create the story.


Mine’s going to be great too, because God is scripting my one great story.


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