A Beautiful Life


 While walking down the ramp towards my    station, worrying and thinking, I passed on a dead butterfly. I still remember it was the very magic of nature taught on grade school; metamorphosis.  Living as an ugly bumpy caterpillar, nibbling on leaves and never tired of working and chewing  then when the time comes, the great rest will come upon him and emerge from a cocoon as beautiful butterfly. Only to live a week and die after laying eggs. We too may be in a race like his, entrap by fate. Working till late hours and doing everything to have a beautiful life ahead of us. There are times we doubt. Will we ever make it? Shall we have the glory days we ever dreamed of?  As the nature tells us on a simple story of a butterfly’s life, we will. In determination, desire and smart work too include a firm and a specific goal.

Just make sure when you reach that goal, live up to it for more than a week.


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