Who Chose: On Getting Pregnant and Parenthood

During my duty on outpatient department, I was assigned at the obstetrics and gynecology department. In a day we cater 60 to 80 patients, both pregnant mothers and women with problems regarding their reproductive system. One resounding comment I always hear from one of the doctors was


“A child will never have the right to chose who his parents will be. So please plan your pregnancy.”

True. When you first breathe air, a certain fate can be forecasted with a high percentage of accuracy only by looking at the conditions of your parents.

I realized parenthood is not merely composed of financial stability or certain degree of literacy but also of emotional and intellectual maturity. Anything lacking among these factors, a life or lives of pretty little angels may be a hell on earth.

We try to educate every single mother that comes to our doorstep. Using every resource available to let them know what to do and the range of choices there are, even if it means repetitive lectures while holding your temper, prolonging your patience and sprinkling a tinged of gentleness on every speech.

A child may not have a right, but you do. Cause bringing a child to life also means giving him a life to live.


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