Work and your God given Gift

After a long haul, we have an opportunity to sit on a magic bench and chat for a few minutes.

“Pagnanalo ako sa lotto magreresign na ko.”(If I fortunately won the lottery, I will certainly resign)

“Nataya po kayo sir lagi?”(Do you bet regularly?)

“Hindi ako nataya.” (Never did I)

I laughed bit because the statement was illogical. He will never win for he never bet. But maybe the point of the conversation was not really about betting and resigning but STAYING.

I once read.

“If you have the privilege to choose a job, choose something that will contribute to your happiness because your work will eat up a lot of your lifespan”

In whatever we do for a living, we can always whine over a lot of things, so much that one may consider quitting. But before letting go or be submerged into the depths of depression may be we could ask ourselves

Why did I choose this in the first place?

Does it still contribute to my happiness?

Because even how twisted or wicked fate could be, you were given an amazing gift.

The ability to choose


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