What’s the point?

smileDecades ago, when my grandfather was still in his adolescence, when you are caught holding a woman’s hand you ought to marry her, no ifs no buts.

In his time, you have to win the heart of the whole clan to be able to marry a woman. Work for it or even beg for it.

In his time sex is normally done after marriage. A written contract on paper that says you have to be with each other no matter what happens till doomsday. A tiny piece of paper that can easily be burned and ignored but has been diligently obeyed.

In his time women are considered fragile and gentleness is one character a man is required to possess. Manner he shows not only for a chosen few but for all the women in general.

Then change came.

Not normal became normal because everyone seems to be doing it. At first on the process of transition the action done by a few was adding new colors then as more people commit it new colors became completely part of it. Now the picture is entirely different.

The point is.

I miss my grandparents’ stories.


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