Today I have not done something extra special.


I just read a book in our balkonaje, while the summer breeze wass repeatedly kissing me.

I took my long missed siesta (afternoon nap).

I woke up with my sister pinching me and saying “ate wake-up, I prepared some biscuits, bread and peanut butter. Let’s have merienda”

I shared the snack with my other siblings, giggling while watching an afternoon teledrama that we did not cared much, because aside from munching biscuits we were busy tossing each other’s hair, or betting on each other in playing a mobile phone game.

We all played jack en poy to justify who will wash the glasses and plates.

We then proceeded to the night market to help our father sell our goods.

I treat them to dinner, ordering from a fast-food chain.

We took a bite, sell when a patron comes in; bite and sell again until our dinner were over.

I rode my brother’s motorcycle, bought our mother ice cream and gone home.

Today was nothing extraordinary.

But I am happy.



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