The Council

One gloomy night I was invited to join a very important meeting with the council.

This only happens when four things coincide perfectly.

  1. The elders are all in the same place.
  2. It only happens at night, under the brightly lit moon.
  3. There seems to be a problem.
  4. Brownout.

*(One of the most important factor, for there is no electrical black hole that can steal their time and attention to pass time until their pre-determined sleep time.)

Topic number 1

The Electric Fan

E1: I remember my daughter saying to her sister “Promise to me we will not fight because of a boy”.

E2: Why would she say that, what happened?

E1: It started one summer night in the island on Minongin, my daughters are residing inside a home of two diwatas (fairies) for a vacation. One of the diwata was named Castella. She had a son from an evil sorcerer. After bearing the child from love that was thought to be true, the sorcerer evaporated like dew in mid morning air. The diwata left his son to her sister and find a way to acquire more power by discovering other kingdoms. Marina took good care and loved her sister’s son very much. One day Castella went home with a new found love, Ismael. Unfortunately the two diwata only have one electric fan. And because of the very humid air brought by summer, the two diwata fought over the electric fan. Marina told her sister that she needs the electric fan to give comfort to Castella’s son. But Castella firmly said that she needs the electric fan to give comfort to Ismael.

E2: Castella is irrational, his lover should not have the electric fan, and Marina should have it. And beside its Castella’s son Marina is fighting for.

E3: The story was too focused on one side; we do not have enough information to justify why Castella is fighting too much for the electric fan for the sake of Ismael.

E4: E3 that is a dumb proposition, we all know that Castella has been blindly smitten by love. Love is still the force that blinds her to push an illogical fight over the right on who shall use the electric fan.

Me:  Wait a minute. So what is the connection of the electric fan to E1’s daughter saying “Promise to me, we will not fight because of a boy”?

E3: Simple, If Ismael was not in the scenery the child will have the right of comfort. They were subconsciously fighting over the rights of the boy.


Topic #2


E2: My dogs fight because the other thinks I’m in favor of the other.

E3: You probably mistreat them. I made my dogs loose.

E2: Your dogs seem to be fine. They seem to love each other and are obedient.

E1: We make them do what they want, we may seem to be irresponsible but because of that our dogs tends to connect more to us.

E3: I think it’s better to treat the dog’s right rather than give them iron fist, they tend to be secretive. And before you know it, its world is too far to grasp.

E2: I restrict my other dog to do things because I love it so much. I do not want it to commit the mistakes that had been committed by its brother dog. We owners can clearly see who among our dogs are weak, who among them are strong, who needs more and who needs less. In our perspective we are being fair but in our dogs eye its favoritism.

Suddenly the electricity went on. I respectfully asked permission to leave and left them. It’s too consuming, specially the electric fan.

Wisdom of the old under the brightly lit moon.


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