Dive and Live

originalWhen sleep is depriving not because of the necessity to stay awake but because of the restlessness of the heart, it’s easier to stay awake.

People may see you all messed up, a pit of dust or man with no direction; its ok, as long as your perspective tells you otherwise. Your life is a painting drawn by your inner will to create motion and an unfathomable art, others may appreciate it but most will not get its true meaning.

People innately have a shallow judgment because of their lucid sight. What they see is what they interpret, interpretation they tell you boastfully. Creating a whole universe that revolves around their trivial observance. Let them be. Critics are legless individuals who try to teach you how to walk.

There will always be people who seemingly have a black hole of hopelessness, so contagious that if you constantly talk to them it will put you to your own death bed. You may try to debate and prove those dark thoughts of them are all fallacies, and if your light shines. I will be an admirer.

Do not pity yourself when people tell you there is no sense when you know there is purpose. Pity them instead, because that is the meager capacity of their brains.

Keep on. Dive to your dreams. LIVE!


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