She was the rebel I never bloomed to become. It is a matter of freedom and courage of course; large amount of courage.

She is a walking ball of joy. No one hates her. I mean none. Even I, I want to carry her around. I often wonder how she does it. I always end up concluding she had a set of life experiences that made her that way. Sometimes people behave the way they did, not mainly because they liked it but also because life made them that way. Admit it. You can’t consciously control yourself all the time. Unless you’re a master and if you are please contact me I want to learn the craft.

She is a ranting biatch. She is happy. Do not confuse her of being miserable. Ranting is like storytelling to her but deep inside that soul, she is contented for what she has now. Everyone loves her too. She even has the weirdest of friends a lady can have. The hell she care. She has her own universe surrounded by the people she chose, with enough glitter to make it just as exciting as it is supposed to be.

She is ambitious and talented. She tried controlling her life but life always twisted her. I often think if she’ll make it with all the fuss around her. She always does. Probably it will only take a matter of time and she will make it eventually. Prettier than any grey twist of fate, she will. And I hope to be there to celebrate with her.

She is rigorous and hopeful. She’ll wage, even with no guarantee. She matured later than her years. She was deprived early and has continuously been. Listen. You’ll hear no complaint. Propose and she’ll wage again. Even if the previous battles were lost, she will be always loyal and willing to serve. Resilient, she just fights. Without even knowing she leads a troupe of souls who loves her wholeheartedly.

She is a reflection of life. She had a golden armory of swords. Now time is slowly eating her artillery but she keeps on holding on and fighting. She is both a victim of fate and thyself. No regrets should be done but her eyes tell you otherwise.

A woman should not be judged by her stature. Listen to her battles and you’ll understand.


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