remember the rainforest

All sunshine makes a desert

– African Proverb.

14 - 1

In times of storms in our lives, we complain. Most of us do. You like the feeling you get from ranting. Ranting that justifies life’s unfainess to you. Thus making you think that you deserve more. Your not the only one, it has been unfair ever since, to all. Accept it. Your problems does not justify who you are, nor fate or your family. How you face your problems defines you. If you wanted to be strong, independent beautiful person, face the mirror and start planning on how to be that person. Write it down and inculcate it to your soul. Be that person


You are in that situation because God is making a masterpiece out of you. He does not want you be an empty desolated dessert. His sending rain, gatsy wind, thunder and lighting to create a magnificent rainforest. Diversified with beautiful and ugly beings, but easy to live in. A person that sustain life and support it.


Next time your problem is to heavy to carry, remember who you are, disperse your problem to your ecosystem; it may be bad for you but beneficial to them.


Smile. And thank God for giving you a beautiful


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