Will You Let Someone Shit on You, Knowing It will Make You Grow?

Suppose you are a rose, a little green bush pull of thorns and you know people will only appreciate you when you bloom your beautiful red fragrant flower. You patiently waited, be it under the scorching sun, mad storms and crawling insects. You rooted yourself hard and strong, because you knew someday, your small bush will eventually grow and bear beautiful flowers. Then one day, an animal approached you saying “Can I shit on you, it’ll make you grow.” Gross. Right?

Graphic Source :  Rick Otter
Graphic Source : Rick Otter

If you were the little rose bush, will you?

In life, not all of us will fall in a system so ideal you wanna jump on a cliff to surpass the boredom of everything being right. Some will experience great battle between moral conscience and being able to grow.

These people knew what they wanted, they work right not only for themselves but to create social change. Then someone will come who has all the power to make them do something that is not morally right for them, but despite the moral dilemma lays the benefit of growth.

To those trapped. Let your inner spirit talk to you. Will it hurt anyone? Can you tolerate the foul smell long enough until it benefits you? Will your moral values be tarnished?

In everything life offers, even if it’s the worst, be ready to become the best out of it.


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