12-13-14: Tips and Tricks in Pulling a Rustic Wedding

I got a few hours to spare and an adventure to share so I am writing.

First stop…

A dainty well thought, well timed, class yet rustic wedding.


The first time I saw my cousin doing the ocular for the reception, I told myself I have to witness this. And by fate, I did.

It was sequentially dated 12.13.14.


They chose the oldest church in town; Boso Boso Church. It is called the Nuestra Señora de la Annunciata Parish Church, located in Old Boso-Boso San Jose in Antipolo City, Rizal, Philippines. It is really far from the city proper, and the environment is a typical “Pinoy” province; dominated by warm folks. The church is run and maintained mostly by older ladies, who happily clean and entertain guests.  The church was built in 16th to 17th century; you’ll notice its authenticity on its walls. The ceiling is fairly new. I do not know if it was renovated. You need to bring lights for better photographs and they do not have a sleek sound system, so do not expect too much. It’s part of the the pristine experience .

Tip: It is a great idea to pair the bride entrance with a Pilipino Serenade coming from a live artist. It feels soulful and very near to the heart, well if you’re a Pilipino off course.


I am used to coordinating weddings in hotels, but this is one is different. It was set in a magnificent old yet modern art museum that blown my mind, soul and feet away. Ha! Ha! I tell you, running errands for a wedding are awfully tiring to include the museum is pretty huge. I never knew that Pilipino art is so fascinating until saw this place.


The Pinto Art Museum was probably a home made in the 80’s that contains massive numbers of art pieces. The owner chooses to convert it to a museum instead. When I first came in, I was like, “Is this it? Thankfully it was not. There was a lower ground that contains wall size paintings and sculptures from Pilipino artists, presenting our culture especially contemporary art. I could probably sit on the couches provided inside and stare on the paintings for an hour or so. They also have exhibits and installations that are for sale. The exhibit are well thought, it even has books to suffice the whole experience. I loved the manuals that teach you how to appreciate the art. It is really helpful for the not-so-inclined-to-art people like me, it really makes you understand and appreciate it, especially the experience it can give. IMG_20141213_153259

From the reception the guest went straight to the exhibit hall and the garden, a tour guide went on explaining the pieces.  Waiters roam around to offer drinks and finger foods. It felt like an opening of an art exhibit, some of the guest was even buying art pieces. It gave the couple enough time to prepare for the program proper and waiting became a satisfaction for the guests, the tour even has a live band (this is provided by the couple not the museum). They also have rooms that reside on the old house near the pool. It became the bride’s and groom’s rooms. The place has been catering events for some time now. But for me it is a cool place to unwind and relax.

Tip. If you are planning to visit, go on a full stomach. The food in their café is a little pricey and not that gourmet tasty. Try their bathrooms! Specially those inside the rooms.

The food in the wedding was artful and fancy too, like a painting.  There was a bartender,  and as the program ends there was a bar for Nachos, chocolate fountain and grill for marshmallows and smores.

Aside from the bride and groom there was a couple from the guest that touched me. They were a little old, probably in their 50’s or 60’s.  They were Japanese and probably the first of few people who arrived at the church. The husband always accompanies her wife wherever she goes, even to the comfort room where she wanted to change into a Kimono. He carries a luggage that contains his wife’s apparel. On the long table they are in each other’s company.  They never left each other’s side. Clapping and laughing as the program goes on. The spoonful of crowd is not a distraction to still enjoy each other’s company. I love seeing old couples together.

G-night. See you at my next adventure.

wedding coordinator:Cherished Moments Events Management 



One thought on “12-13-14: Tips and Tricks in Pulling a Rustic Wedding

  1. Thanks julie…looking forward to read more….it was written with love and appreciation of what you do and see…thank you for seeing the beauty of weddings…God bless and more words to express…love it!

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