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In our lives we often sacrifice. It may be as simple as getting up early in the morning to go to work. Battling the morning dew, the cold wind and your comfy sheets; all seamlessly perfect for dreaming. But you chose to get up, fix yourself and scuffle with reality. Sleep is a need but we sacrifice it to fulfill other facets of our lives. It can also be as big as giving your life in the service of others to create a social change and breed better lives for the millions, sacrifice seems inevitable.

What so hurting is, when nothing happen.

You’ve given your best, you have lost a lot, you were hurt and tarnished and yet nothing happened.

Actually there is, you probably just have to look elsewhere.

You were changed.

There is something in you that was not yet there before and now is lingering like a warm candle in a cold room.

We make sacrifices because we are hoping for a glimpse of better life, for us, for the people we love; to fulfill a vision we have been eyeing. We may fail and sacrifice more than we thought we could to give birth to our dreams. We can only hold our present and yet it could all be stolen by our dream of a comfortable future.

We may choose to sacrifice more or stop.

Whatever choice you may have, observe the burning candle in your hearts because it may burn the whole room and destroy you completely.


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