The Little Things That Devour Your Energy

As I am doing my everyday reading of anything under the sun, I remembered Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerburg and why they wear the same set of clothes everyday for the rest of their lives.

Then I remember the article on Elite Daily, the type of articles that pop- up to your timeline that partially intrigued you then you forgot to read it. This time I was so curious I searched it on the web.

Unless your in the fashion industry its probably worth the thought.

The answer is……..

They wore the same set of clothes to defer them from the time and effort of thinking of what to wear, simply because they have much more important decisions to make.

Ladies let us admit it. We have a ton of wardrobe and yet when we have a date, we tell ourselves “I have no clothes to wear”. The dilemma to shop or not to shop comes to the scene, followed by What, Where and When.

Just imagine all our petty dilemmas we solve before going to work, not even thinking that it may have drained our brain prowess for other netter things to do.

Shall I snooze the alarm or wake up? (Pretty sure a lot just snooze J if you did not even bother to think, it’s your habit)

Shall I have breakfast or not?

Will I prefer fruits or cereal, or both?

Shall I wear a Black tie or grey tie?

And the list of questions goes on…..

We waste too much on the little things when in fact its impact to our lives and the society we live in is too little.

From now on, let us try not to sweat on the small stuffs and be conscious of what we consider as problems.

We can do this!!!! J


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