Pure cocoa and coffee; Imagine how bitter it is without sugar and milk.

Write hard and clear about what hurts


There is that feeling of forever being a beginner. People of power always has a grasp on your neck, slowly wanting to kill your already shattered soul. I wonder if they were treated that way, have they already felt the pain they were inflicting?

How hard is it to live in a world full of normal people, who seemingly live the exact same easy way? Tough. They do not understand how you behave. Worse, they are there to be pleased.


I wonder how to live a life of the privilege- someone who can focus on what he really wanted to do and do it well cause he has all the resources to do so.

I wonder if I am near falling? Or I have been burnt to ashes long ago without even realizing.

I am sure i did not wrote it clearly. Do not understand, just feel me.


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