Wisdom Can Cure Sadness


One lonely day I was in a car with a friend, consumed with dark sick emotions I said,

“I wish I was Warren Buffet or Bill Gates being at the top of their game, throwing millions to charity and research. Imagine, Gates is funding a laser project that kills malaria causing mosquitoes in Africa. Why is it always Africa?  While I am stuck!!

Calm and cool she said…

“It is superficial, remember how they climbed?”

I was so consumed by my own fate, feelings and heartaches all I could think of is how miserable and bitter I was. It struck me.

When Buffet was young he was already investing, reading boring books and studying charts. Gates was programming since childhood up until he finished college. Burning Saturday nights writing codes. They do their thing morning till dawn, repeatedly for years.

Then she added……

“They also had struggles, probably heavier than yours. They just kept it private. Just do what your suppose to do, then step back. Do it again and again until being better every single time is a habit. ”

She was probably so used to all my dramatic speeches, her sharp way of throwing beautiful pieces of advice is so cold it calms my soul.

We probably all had those self-centered agonizing days. Having a friend who seemed to understand your every sigh is a relief, much more if he can give you  great pitches on life.

Sadness makes us human but if it is too tormenting, try wisdom. 🙂


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