Finding other Galaxies

Found on Through the Looking Glass 

When you are dang tired. Dying always felt easier than living. Sometimes we find ourselves truly unfit for the adult world.

Tired. Exhausted. Bored. Trap in a twisted croaked fate.

This life is such a burden to carry.

It is your universe. It is your emotions, you can feel every single bit of it.

You understand it wholly, sometimes not. All you can comprehend is what you felt.

It will happen repeatedly, in a gray cycle. Remembering all the things you have done and how fate forced you to make decisions. Suffering the consequences, suffering it again when memories come flooding into you.

You are not the only person in this universe.

You are not the only one suffering. There are plenty carrying bigger, heavier darker burdens and still have the gift of kindness to treat you right.

It is not about being happy about the fact that someone is having a harder time than you.

It is the inspiration that you can be as strong as they are and heroes wore the same clothes as you do and  they do their supernatural prowess by conquering life in the light of being them.

Discover another universe. Bigger. Brighter. Boulder.

And you will realize, there is more to feel.


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