Remember when you were young and can’t wait to be 18 so you could smoke, drink and fall in love?

Now you are full pledge adult, you wanna be young and treasure that formerly hated siesta. Go to school and have that weekly allowance. Never bother to turn off the lights, those days that you never taught of paying the bills. When you can run miles under the sun, playing. Those moments that you can devour a cow and never get fat. Those times when your mom scolds you for coming home late. The memories of just being care free.

Age might not matter for some, but certain phases of life will always bear responsibility. Choices and decision that will fall like dominoes, continually giving an impact to the other. Affecting not only one of your loved ones  but probably the entire universe.

Some might be forever young inside an aging body, some are old in their fragile tiny vessel. Whatever or where ever you might be. Be an adult when you are supposed to.


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