Subconscious Wants

– I do not know if the phrase really does exist the way I mean it.


We have those wants that we really wanted. We pray for it every day, we grind, sweat and do our best just to have it. But for no absolute reason, fate seems blew it always. The strong keep on, those who doubt themselves, keep on doubting or simply give up.

The magical moment when you wanted something and it came true, without even lifting a finger. The kind of thoughts that can fill your heart with joy, but if it did not come true, it will be okay; no sorrows, no tears, no sudden rush of disappointment. Chill.

I call it “Subconscious wants”.

I am not saying, make all your dreams into subconscious wants and let the fingers of the wind do the thing. Anything worth having demands hard work. Especially those long term goals. I was just fascinated by it. How someone wanted something, and by serendipity everything was in place.

It is ironic how some people cruelly fought for it while some just get it magically. They both want it; one desperately, the other willing.

Probably Steve Jobs was right.



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