Eye candy and Soul food


If something is beautiful, does it mean it can fuel your soul to do great things? Or is it just your human instinct talking to you?

When I was in college, humanities was one of my favorite subjects. It was a fascinating world, away from all the concrete science we usually tackle. It was my dessert.

One of my favorite topics was “The 7 characteristics that differentiate human beings from animals”, one among it was appreciation of beauty.

It is scripted in your genes to feel happy and keep those that are beautiful, by nature, you love beauty simply because you are human.

But is beauty just physical attraction of what society tag as beautiful?

Physical beauty has no frills to be appreciated, abstract beauty demands time, understanding and effort.

Someone so gracious physically is an eye candy, a person who shares and creates depth in your understanding of the world is a soul food. Candies bring you happiness, a sense of pride. Food gives you sustenance, it can create a whirlwind of feelings you can remember deeply.


Who will you love?


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