Boodap: Great Food in the Neighborhood

Restaurants in Lipa seem like mushrooms in a thunderstorm, they pop up everywhere. Most are homemade small restaurants that offer home cook meals. One new addition to the list is Boodap.

Boodap can be found along Ayala highway in Lipa. You can easily recognize it with its large black tarpaulin.

The place can be a great place to dine, for they offer affordable meals as low as P99, there are also gourmet meals starting at P245.

Sorry it was a bit blurred. Hope you can read it.

They offer bucket of beers and cocktails too. It came on a different menu which was offered to us late. Unfortunately I was not able to took a photo of it. Cocktails range from P150- P180. Rum cola is at P69.

I advice you to go on weekends on wee hours of night, around 9 pm onward. A band mainly composed of friends who hang out there plays. And if you guys are musically inclined, the owner will be glad if you do a little concert.


The place is practically new thus the place is not crowded. Food was great. Their buffalo wings comes best with a iced cold beer. They have weird desserts like Pepper bacon fruits.  Good servings of Beef salpicao and the most recommended Paella.

Buffalo wings at P320
Buffalo wings at P320
Grilled Chicken with Rosemary at P99 Nachos at P180
Grilled Chicken with Rosemary at P99
Nachos at P180

Hope you enjoy.


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