Love Letter

Your mere existence makes me high.

If I could only make you feel the flare I feel, whenever you talk about your dreams, your eyes sparkling with passion.

Your soul is a cosmic compilation of atoms, like the universe in  a single cell.

I have always seen greatness within you, even when you treat yourself like dust.

If that is so. Please know.

You are moon dust to me.

Rare and magical.

Your flaws are same things that make you so beautiful.

Do not fear. You can be fragile, I won’t break you.

When you feel like you are standing alone. Just look behind you. I am there.

I saw how hard you climbed. Dive in. I am sure you’ll fly.

If you fall, my arms are on standby, ready to catch you.

Take away my love.

If you cannot give it back, you will still be loved.


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