Let Us Play with Sadness

Sadness is like a contagious illness no one wants to hear or come near.

Emotions create a helix of complicated patterns  in your personality. One will take permanence over all the others. They said happiness is an inside job. How can you be happy when your wind up being broken, tormented by the same things that have been tormenting you since time immemorial. They won’t go. Even how hard you try. They keep on coming back.  Being there in that same gray dark place you’ve ever been.


You wanted to be fragile and have someone to depend on yet you always end up disappointed. Cause, in the end, there was only you; standing, ever so sturdy, trying to be tough. All you wanted was to feel loved, cared and cherished.

People wanted to understand you, but you know they will never fully uncover.

Cause to fully understand,  they have to feel pain the exact same way you felt it, they need to have the same fate, the same love, same intensity of every sensation that creeps under your skin.

The same people who wanted to understand are the very people you would not like to contain.

But sadness is an emotion too. It may recur many times. Just feel it. Accept that it exist within you. Cry if you must, let it flow silently and cleanse your heart. Sleep.  Isolate yourself for a while, find comfort in your own company, and think without being interrupted. Strengthen your greatest ally, your soul.  When you have poured it all, stand up again.

Let your soul lavish on other emotions.

Be human.

Try to live.


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