Ambrocia’s House of Ramen and Teppanyaki

Along the national highway in Banay Banay Lipa City is the humble Ramen house of Ambrocia.


In this chilly weather, a bowl of Ramen is such a comfort. Top with braised pork, boiled egg and vegetables beneath gooey noodles in hot savory broth.

I love Ramen like I love Anime. Ambrocia’s is one of few restos in Lipa City that offers Ramen and Japanese food that is near authentic. You can see Japanese nationals dining here. The place is not fancy but cozy enough with friendly waiters.


Price range starts at 150 to  around 1500 pesos per meal. Ramen starts at 280- 300 pesos; ramen, 2pieces gyoza and a side dish. Their best seller is.. guess what? Ambrocia.

They charge 5% service charge.

Their menu is book like. I am not able to take all the prices of what they offer, but they have almost all that can be considered a commodity in Japanese food.

With less than 500 your basically full till tomorrow cause servings are really hearty. But if you are eyeing for sushi and other things, better prepare.




If you were craving for something that is not on the menu, you can talk it out to the waiters and they will try to cook it for you.



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