When You Love Someone Everybody Hates

Ever felt annoyed at someone because of their mere presence?

I guess there are really people who are easily hated, and if you ask haters why, they can go on and on.

Those same people who are always hated are the same ones who needed to be loved most.

I believe that someone’s personality is not all his consciousness. It is an accumulation of how he grew up, his values, his moral and more.

People hate because it is easier to judge than understand. They gossip around his bad traits and never tell him. Maybe, so they will have something to gossip at.

So what happens when you care for these people and eventually love them through time?

  1. You will get judged too. Because you are associated they view you like they view him; “Birds of the same feather flock together”. When in fact you hated his ill ways too, the only difference is you accepted all of it.
  2. You will be guilty. At some point, you were once part of the haters. You have contributed to all the nasty things people tell about him, which you often find true. Now even it is true, you try to conceal yourself in contributing anything that can blaze the fire of gossiping.
  3. You will become an instant PR manager. You will try to freshen his name among the public who mostly hates him. And this is gonna be hard cause he will probably destroy bits of what you built.
  4. You will be great at constructive criticism. You love him for him, but a little change for the better will be good. To be able to do that he must realize his ill habits and attitude. With all the tact power you have, you will tell him what all it is and what other people thought about it.   And pray it will not end up with a fight.
  5. Seeing the best traits will feel like magic. Everybody has some good in him, sometimes it is just so discreet you need time and effort to realize what it is. Often it entails trust.
  6. People will ask why do you love him. And you will answer, “I don’t know”.
  7. You will realize they are the most genuine people on earth. Their often bold and fierce, they do not care about what other people say as long as they do their thing well.  They do not deal with bullshit, they are transparent with their emotions. They do not fake a smile to please anyone or fake a laugh.
  8. You will see them struggle to change. They are human too, with emotions. When hearsays hurt the people they love, they strive to explain and change. But changing will be hard, it is as if  giving them a new life, a rebirth, with things different from what it was.
  9. You will not stop caring. Cause you know only few will.
  10. It can scar your other relationships. Better explain thoroughly and get all your message all in facts. Trust is hard to build so gather all your strength to protect it.

So if you are thinking of exposing yourself, better be ready for the ride.

P.S. This is not generally applicable for all, not researched proven, fireproof nor insured.


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