Central BBQ Boy Grill

Along Ayala high-way Lipa Batangas sits this drinking hub.

It has been here for time immemorial, one of the toughest drinking hub surviving.

I go here with a good friend to eat. It may be sleazy, but after an exhausting PM duty(3pm-11pm) and you are craving to eat something good, it is our go-to place at 2 am.

Basically, it has been known as a chill place where you can grab a liter of concocted drink for  P280 and enjoy it with a bunch of friends.


Just recently there has been a band playing and there were seats outside, perfect to feel the cold Lipa weather and get dizzy under the sky drenched of stars.

My personal favorite is Frozen Margarita; lime. It comes in 3 flavors, strawberry and mango.  Liempo Sisig, served on a sizzling plate with lots and lots of jalapenos. Nacho Grande and cheesy potatoes.



The waiters are courteous but please bear with them when they take longer to serve you especially on Friday and Saturday nights. They also have gigantic bouncers with a flashlight. They are always inspecting, I have been there a couple of times, never seen a scene when they are actually using their prowess to stop a fight.


It felt nice to see other people get drunk or pretend to be drunk while you’re eating nachos, rice and sisig while sipping mango shake in a chilly 1am evening.



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