My Wildest Selfish Dreams

Go to Palau and swim with the Jellyfish.


Visit Maldives to see bioluminescent phytoplanktons and make friends with sting rays.


Study photography and philosophy.


Go to a convent and learn how to bake cookies.


Feed the hungry in Africa. I would try to feed the hungry anywhere.


Go on a research project that will change the world. Gate’s Foundation. 


Go to New York, hoping to bump a celebrity while having a long walk.Share a Pizza   with a homeless former drug addict. Yup, this one scares me too a little bit. 


 Go to LA and get a tattoo. #DrWoo

dr woo

Visit UK, have some tea in a pub. Visit houses that have been built in medieval ages.



Be in Germany in October.


Street dance in Rio.

Saturday, September 15, 2012 marked the final Brazilian Carnival Ball at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre where dancers from Brazil’s Carnival 2012 performed at the event with their mesmerizing costumes and hot samba moves. This year’s Ball benefited de Souza Institute Foundation and the Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology (CAPO). (Photo credit: System 4 Productions Inc.) (CNW Group/Brazilian Carnival Ball)


See the past in Czech.

© 2015 Hecktic Travels | A division of Hecktic Media Inc.
© 2015 Hecktic Travels | A division of Hecktic Media Inc.

Go on a food trip in the streets Korea.

Bike in Japan. 



Go to Amsterdam and reread The fault in Our Stars.

the fault



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