Being Likeable

“I like him, because his soul is light and happy.”

Remember when you were a child, and there was this one kid who everybody hates simply because it is how you feel about him. He did not do anything mean to you, but for some reasons the whole class have a united feeling of hate towards him.

There are reasons of course; feelings do not just pop in thin air, there has to be trigger.

The sad part about it is we often assume that it is a conscious act. He was rude because he wanted to be rude. He was a snob because chose not to see you.

It is not.

Personality is developed and is influenced by an array of things. Your genes, your upbringing, your environment, the society you are in, the culture you grew up with, morals, values and beliefs, all of which are subjected to constant change.

We feel then we judge. Thinking and understanding was almost not part of the process.

We often dislike someone by the mere facial features. We dislike someone by their act of arrogance. We stop there, and even spread gossips about how ill his manners are.  Everyone knew he was arrogant except him. But you know what, energy never lies. He can feel you too. But there was a blur spot, he knew he is hated but often he does not know why.  All he knew was he is being himself.

When someone treats you unkindly, dig deeper and understand where it is coming from. A negative feeling about someone will never vanish unless someone stood for him and correct the thought.  I am not saying that we should tolerate ill ways. Tell them in the face that you do not like what his doing, if he changes, lucky you, if he does not, deal with it with maturity: accept.



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