Perspective of a Licensed Drug Handler on Addiction

I am a nurse.

I deal with drugs on an everyday basis to save lives.

Psychoactive drugs was immensely studied in Psyche-Nursing.
“Once you pop….
There is a vintage documentary of a housewife exposed to LSD. She is so into it, it felt like it is a commercial for LSD rather than a documentary.

We asked one patient from the mental institution what it felt like getting high on cough syrup
“Walking is levitating” he said.
Someone on coke once said
“Sex without it is pretty boring, you get 3x more your typical orgasm when your on it”
One had surgery and had been battling with pain on an everyday basis tried met.
“I have never felt pain-free for years and instantly it was gone”


You cannot stop.”
Addiction to any form of psychoactive drug can be simply put into this. Once you expose yourself, it crosses your blood-brain barrier altering the balance in your brain.Chemical triggers start to take effect, often the body produces these chemicals only in small amounts. When you have artificial sources, slowly the body shuts down its natural capacity to produce. What for?There is tantamount external source already. Resulting to physical and psychological dependence.


chem trails
Also, the body will develop resistance with these drugs over time thus one needs to increase dosage to achieve the desired effect.
In time, someone is so hooked he will live and think for the drug until the chemical reactions in his body is so mess up it results to insanity. Some died.
You will see him happy, sad, confused in a matter of minutes. All emotions are genuine with some hint of hallucinations; crawling bugs under the skin, aliens and golden tickets. Hallucinations, so real a man burned his home with his wife and child in it.


“Just do not pop”
The echoing words of my clinical instructor.


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