Buffalo Station: The Home of Atomic Buffalo Wings

I have done a short review on them before(click here to check it out), but since we are noticing some changes I guess it’s time for some update.


Flaming in red paint, it lays along Dimayuga St. 4217 Lipa City. If you can spot the magnificent church of Inglesia ni Cristo, this hub is a few steps away. The store opens from 9am to 9pm or until their supplies last. Sometimes, they sold out pretty early. If you are craving for buffalo wings this is the place to be. They also deliver.

This place is pretty savvy, price starts at P99 and a platter of wings is at P379. Making it a favorite place for university students and yuppies.


If you are caught in the array of choices, let me suggest some of our favorites.

Classic; slightly hot, a bit tangy.

13900441_10210341306397129_764833216_n (1)


Spicy Barbeque; tolerable level of hotness, salty sweet.

13933257_10210341306237125_616171298_n (1)

Cheesy Garlic; best for those who have no tolerance for anything spicy.

But if you are up for some challenge better try their Atomic Buffalo Wings.


A single serving can man a man whistling, sweating and gasping for water. If 6 pieces of fiery hot wings do not suffice you, I guess you can try their Atomic Buffalo Wings Challenge. It is pretty easy, all you need to do is eat 16 wings within 3 minutes. If you win, you’re entitled to free 1 week supply of your favorite wings, a free shirt and bragging rights to their Hall of Fame.


They’ve got plenty of selections other than their famous chicken wings.


They’re facebook page pretty busy too: Buffalo Station-Lipa City.


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