Pink Dinner: Your Friendly Neighborhood Lechonan

From afar it looks like a typical coffee shop but actually, it is a grill that serves frappes as well.


Their menu is pretty simple. You can choose from barbeque, roasted liempo and chicken. This place is far flung from fancy. Their prices are catered probably for students. Taking into account that they are along the highway where De La Salle Lipa resides.


The place is air-conditioned, nicely furnished, with murals and “hugot” lines painted on their walls. Pretty in pink, flat lay looks awesome, even with the condiments. their service is pretty fast too.  Although they do the grilling outside, you’ll smell a bit smoked upon coming out, smoked chicken and pork.


Roasted chicken was served generously, tender and taste like it has long been marinated in soy sauce and lemon grass. Their liempo is roasted to crispiness served with pork liver sauce. I love their brownie ala mode. It was prettily served on a heart-shaped plate,  a smooth brownie is topped with vanilla ice cream sprinkled with candies and drizzled with chocolate. Their frappes are monstrous, a whole dessert in itself.


If you have a palette for  grilled Pilipino food paired with a monstrous dessert. This place is worth to try.




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