Where to Eat in Lipa City: The Hungry Berd

You will love the rustic vibe of the place. The minimalist cream white walls, the creative set of lighting, wood file furnish at the counter and the eerie light buzz of city people.


We were then very excited when we saw the price range.


I do not know if it was because the place was slightly packed, serving time took longer than expected.

The food came, and I tried hard to get a decent flat lay but I guess you get what you really pay for.


Devilled chicken looks nice, serving size is decent, a bit hot and packed with spices.  Tenderloin steak was a disgrace, very small serving; the meat was chewy, weirdly cooked top with mushroom sauce that I cannot really distinguish. The single thing we enjoyed was the Mango Ensalada; freshly sliced mangoes, onions, tomatoes, and alamang. It never fails a Pinoy tastebud.


They’ve got more on their menu, I don’t know if it was our selection.  If you want to try the place, you can find it at Marcus St, Villa Lourdes Subdivision just in front De La Salle Lipa.


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