Fourth Steaks and Kebab Lipa City

Follow the signs and it will take you there.

Hiding in the heart of the city is Fourth Steaks and Kebab, 82 A. Mabini St.Poblacion Barangay 4 Lipa Batangas. The place is open air, modern minimal, and spacious.  They’ve got a mini garden and a decent parking space. I am mildly distracted by the TV that shows Hotel Transylvania, but with the mood, you can easily divert yourself to discuss life worthy topics with a friend.



This place is a bomb for Persian food lovers. Freshly baked Pita bread and Keema; crispy doughy mildly sweet bread topped with sauteed minced beef on onions, garlic, tomatoes, ginger, spices, and chillis, and an array of other choices.  If you want to know what Iranian food taste like, better visit this place. 



They also got a good selection of Steaks to choose from. We love how you can do your own combination, chose a main dish and 2 sides, and their sauces are awesome too. My coleslaw was kinda dry, but cause they got complimentary condiments, no frills. You can come back, and have an entirely different meal each time. Their juices can be very sour, sour enough to cleanse your palate after a meal packed with spices. 


Their price range? Chill.



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