Climbing Mt. Pinatubo

I was platonically wandering at the hallway when I got the invite.

“Hey, we are climbing Pinatubo on Valentine’s day, wanna come?”

My heart leaped upon hearing “climbing” and “Pinatubo”.

I can remember my mother telling me stories of it erupting, I got to see it.

From the 3 am wait and sesh at a food chain with friends till the last granule of ash on my hair the night after the climb was glorious.


The 4×4 ride felt like living inside a movie. We were exchanging good mornings with Military Terrain vehicles loaded with soldiers and explosives. Uphill trek was easy and such a feast. You should see the humungous sand castles partially covered with vegetation. The tinted yellow and red on lava rocks where sulfuric water flows. The strong tadpoles. The sting on your nose, the cold breeze and the warmth of the sun.



How simple the Aetas live and the astonishing crater. We even had a picnic, I laid down and looked at the sky. The sky was magnificent that day. The cliffs seem to be moving alongside the fluffy clouds.



Thanks to PinayKeyPoint for guiding us 🙂






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