A Night in Anilao Discovery Bay

In the midst of scrumptious busy work week, an old friend called.

“Let’s go to the beach”

We traveled to Anilao, commute. Judging people along the way just for the fun of it and messily asking for directions.

At first, I have second thoughts about it, I can just save the money for future use. I gave in, cause for some time,  I have felt like my youth was flying in thin air, slowly disappearing and being eaten by moral obligations, long hours of work and sleepless nights gaping to finish dues.

We were lucky we went off season, there were only a few guests. We swam, ate, laugh, talked about the good old days when we can’t even afford to go to places. The stupid things we did, but died laughing and never regretted. Dreams.


The best thing?


Good bed, nicely lit and cold. Warm new sheets. The feeling of heaviness, slowly fading in a soft heavenly mattress. Waking up revitalize with no worries, no deadlines, no traffic to face, only the sea, the pool and good food.




“Tomorrow will face reality again.”

As if we were living a dream.

But you know what.

It fueled me to do more, to continue working for the purpose I want to achieve, create time for all those I love, and make sure they know they are loved.

The magic of good sleep and an inspiration from a great friend who loves her family unconditionally. Can really make you say

“Let’s do this!”



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