What I Understood from reading “My Family’s Slave” by Alex Tizon

To fully understand, read this first: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2017/06/lolas-story/524490/

Before I went to bed, I read an article detailing a life of a slave of an immigrant family. She lived a pitiful life but was given 12 years, living and being loved truly by a son, she did not bear but raised.

Most of the readers will sympathize over her lost life and despise the mother of the kids. I pity the mother more. She died a long painful death. Lived a life dictated by dogma. Never really become a mother to her kids. She worked night and days too, only justified by being paid. She was loved partially cause her children felt they are morally obliged to. Cause for a fact she was their mother. She lived knowing her beloved children love Lola more. Loved, was loved and married twice. She dealt with every compromise of loving both. Even if both men treated her wickedly.

Sure Lola lived a painful life most of her years but she did realize the true beauty of life. Of serving not because you are paid to, but because you love them. Of being a crucial part of a family. Of knowing how to mother children, repeatedly and being loved back by those little kids until they are grown. Of knowing that loving a man and being loved by a man is not a requisite. Of being silent but with great virtue of servitude, integrity and loving unconditionally.

It was by social norms a deprived life, she died in a glimpse. Owned a garden and had a place and a family she called home.

It is a loving memoir of history and humanity. An hour long read but worth it.

Can you recommend me something else?




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