Cafes in Lipa City: Tuesday Cafe

Well technically, it is not in Lipa city but a few minutes drive from the city proper. It is located JP Laurel Highway Banay Banay 2nd, San Jose, 4227 Batangas, near Metro San Jose Medical Center.

It is our go to place when we feel like the city is too crowded, or our fave coffee shops are packed with people.


Their cakes are from Contis.

Teas from Dilmah.


They have kinds of pasta and sandwiches too.


We love the vibe here, we’ll just talk, drink coffee and indulge ourselves guiltily in plates of sugars proceeded by comforting hot cup of tea and laugh about the sudden Salbakuta song; vibe killed but at least we have something to laugh about.

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We often find moms here, with their pack of kids, working while trying to tame their children with food, the internet, and gadgets. Couples having dinner, it is either their having some quality time or working on a project together. And adults proposing businesses.

We have been here a couple of times, but it is not always excruciatingly packed with people.

It is our late night choice if we wanted a break from work to get high on caffeine cause we are still working for the rest of the night, or just chill and treat ourselves with a piece of cake.



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