The Simple Joys in Dumaguete City

There is pleasure in the little things.

(Listen to Old Pine by Ben Howard while reading 🙂 )

A walk in Rizal Boulevard, be it watching the sun rise or sitting on a bench under a large tree. The leaves would fall whenever the warm sea breeze blew. You can watch young couples too, or ladies dancing Zumba at mid afternoon.

Play love songs in a gramophone while enjoying a cup of affogato or ice cream.


Bit by bit, taste their delicacies. SansRival, Panda Ice Cream and Suman dipped in a cup of chocolate or paired with mangoes

Running circles in Siliman University very early in the morning.

Roaming the streets by night for a place to chill, sing or just eat.

After eating you can walk a little and eat again.

Discovering how cheap things are. This pizza is P160.

Reading hand written signs in Bisaya, and trying hard to decipher it.

There is a long strip of restaurants, one of them is the famous Lab-as. They have a pianist, you can sit by his side and ask him to play a song for you while waiting for your dinner to be served.



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